Extra Mile Haulers is a veteran-owned, full-service junk/trash removal company proudly serving homeowners and businesses in the greater Polk County, Florida area. With relentless respect, reliability and resourcefulness, we remove your unwanted junk and responsibly recycle, donate or dispose of everything we take away — giving you a clear space, peace of mind, and a fresh start.

We are a military-friendly employer, proudly helping America’s military veterans successfully transition to the workforce. In partnership with Inspection Ready Commercial Cleaning, we also offer commercial cleaning services when needed.


Did you notice the military vibe of the Extra Mile Haulers logo? Here’s why.

Our founder, Justin Porter, is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran. His love for the country, passion for all who serve, and commitment to customer service drive our approach to every job – no matter how small or big. Justin leads the company with many of the qualities the military respects, from integrity and unselfishness to initiative and dependability. At Extra Mile Haulers, we take seriously the trust that our customers place in us and we approach every project with discretion, thoughtfulness, and a promise of excellence.

But most of all, we get the job done and we do it well. We are at your service.

“I would definitely use Mr. Porter’s services again if I ever need it. He was on time and got to work right away with no questions asked. Just let him know what you have, and he’ll have a quote for you within minutes. Can’t complain about the price either! He’ll also work with your schedule and do his best to make it convenient for you.”

– Joe Yi



Justin Porter, a military veteran, founded Extra Mile Haulers on a commitment to serve with integrity, respect, and kindness – from delighting every client to hiring veteran employees. He served as an infantryman and team leader in the Marines, completing two tours of duty in Afghanistan. The experiences, skills, and friendships he built in the Marines shaped his approach and relationships in business.

Justin knew he wanted to create a company that provided a service to others. A company that makes a practical difference in customers’ lives; one that could partner with others for an even greater impact. In Extra Mile Haulers, Justin discovered how rewarding it can be to help others to declutter basements, garages or just everyday trash. He started and grew the business in Maryland, then moved to Florida to collaborate with fellow Marine Jason Smith, founder and owner of Inspection Ready Commercial Cleaning. Together, the friends clear and clean spaces, diligently serving their own – and each others’ – clients.

“Even if I wasn’t a veteran myself, veterans would still be near and dear to my heart.”

– Justin Porter

Justin actively seeks out veterans for employment. He understands that no veteran is immune to the hard times one can face mentally, physically, and emotionally after departing from the service. Extra Mile Haulers helps by hiring military vets who are committed to being professional, well-mannered and driven to customer service excellence.

Justin holds a Bachelor’s degree in Homeland Security with a Minor in Communications. He lives and works in Polk County, Florida.


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